Fixing a zipper on a jacket can be done multiple ways. It all depends on the problem you are having. Some of the problems you may experience with a jacket zipper is:

* Zipper tab is too small.

* Interlocking teeth are missing at the bottom of the zipper

* The zipper gets stuck

All of these different problems can be solved quite easily. Next you will find a tutorial on the different problems that are listed about with jacket zippers.

Fix A Zipper On A Jacket – Zipper Tab Is Too Small

Some times when you buy a jacket that you really like, the zipper tab may be just too small for you to use. If your fingers are having a hard time grabbing the zipper tab than you should replace it.

This is how to replace a zipper tab.

1. Unzip your jacket – Make sure that you jacket is unzipped so the zipper tab can move freely down the teeth.

2. Take the zipper tag off – After you have opened the jacket, move the zipper tab to the top of the jacket. At the top of the zipper, there is a little groove opening that allows you to simply take the zipper tab off. Remove the zipper tab through the opening.

3. Replace the zipper – Find a zipper that you really like. Take the zipper and slide it on at the opening at the top of the jacket where the other zipper came off.



After you do that, the zipper is all set and ready to use. Make sure you try the jacket zipper to see if you like it.

Fix A Zipper On A Jacket – Interlocking Teeth Are Missing

Some times when you have a zipper on a jacket the bottom comes lose and you end up missing some teeth. Once the teeth are missing at the bottom of the zipper, you have an easy fix.

  • Take Off The Catch – On the bottom of the zipper, there is a catch piece that stops the zipper from falling off the track. Use some pliers to bend the metal a little. This will allow you to take it off. Save this piece.
  • Size The Teeth – Take the part of the zipper with the teeth missing on the bottom of the zipper and hold it out from the jacket.
  • Cut The Access Off Both Sides – With a pair of scissors, cut the piece of zipper with the missing teeth off the zipper track and do it to the other side.
  • Reattach The Catch – Reattach the catch to the bottom of the zipper track and you are all set.

It’s that easy. Now you have a zipper track that is all attached and ready to use. If the zipper catch is bent a little too much, take the pliers or screw driver and bend them back once they are attached.

Fix A Zipper On A Jacket – Stuck Zipper

One of the most frustrating things to deal with is stuck zippers. When you are trying to open your zipper and it gets stuck, your jacket is stuck and not going anywhere.

The simple fix is to think of the stuck zipper as a stuck piece of cloth. Your job is to shimmy the zipper back and forth until the cloth is out of the zipper tab and interlocking teeth.



All you have to do it move the zipper back and forth while pulling on the cloth. This will be hard to do and you may think that it is not working, but you must keep pulling the zipper tab up and down while pulling away the fabric.

The key to fixing zippers is a little bit of patience.

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